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Studies have shown that a well bred puppy which is fed a
healthy diet will have a longer active life span and incur an average
of 40% less in vet bills over the course of it’s life. Never purchase a
puppy that is less than 8 weeks old. A good breeder will never make a
puppy available until 8+ weeks, after it has been given time to be
socialized.  Well socialized puppies make better pets, especially
around children. Another reason for waiting until the 8 week time
is that liver shunts in toy breeds, especially Yorkies cannot be
detected before then.



Unweaned Birds

We do not sell unweaned birds. Those stores or breeders that do
will not give you any type of warranty. They just want your money while
incurring no liability. Hand feeding your own bird can be dangerous if
you are not trained. If a bird aspirates while feeding, it will die. Hand fed
birds do not bond to the person that feeds them. Just as in the wild, the baby
leaves its mother. A bird bonds to the person that takes care of it after
it is weaned. Birds should be bought from a reputable store where you
get a health warranty covering disease. Remember, there are diseases that
birds can have that are transmittable to other birds as well as humans.
Our customers are welcome to visit their baby birds as they are being weaned.
When the baby is ready to go home, it has already begun the bonding process.



Red Cedar Shavings is not a suitable bedding or substrate for any animal.

It degenerates the olfactory nerve, inflames the tear ducts, causes repiratory

distress and is a skin irritant. We do not sell this product in our store, but we carry

a variety of products that we can reccomend  that are appropriate and safe for your pets


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