Last Place on Earth is Gaston County’s only USDA-Licensed Pet Store.
We can special order any Exotic Pet that you want if we don”t have the pet in stock.

Although we are licensed to sell just about any pet, it is our policy not to sell animals that we do not believe make good pets, as well as, those that, in our opinion, may be dangerous. As always, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, who in our opinion cannot or will not properly take care of the animal they intend to purchase

Hedgehog – 3 Babies in Store!!!

Hedgehogs, in captivity have a lifespan of 8-10 years. Most common specie kept as a pet is the African Dwarf.

Their diet consists of insects such as meal worms, fruits such as berries and melon, as well as specifically formulated Hedgehog Diet. Hedgehogs are curious creatures and love to explore their surroundings. They are mostly active in the evening as well as early morning. They have a defense mechanism that allows them to curl up into tight little balls with their spines turned outward for protection. When these lovable little creatures are comfortable (feel safe) with you, the spines lay flat whereby you can pick them up and perhaps even feel their very soft stomachs. Some hedgehogs will be more handleable than others. It will take time to earn their trust.. Hedgehogs should be housed separately. If two are to be housed together, you may try 2 females, but they need watching. Two males should never be housed together and a male and female should only be housed by a committed breeder. The housing should allow your pet plenty of room to explore, Never use a grate as it will injure their feet. Carefresh or pelleted Aspen make a suitable substrate. Always provide a “Hut” under which which the Hedgehog can hide. Hedgehogs will drink from a water bottle.

PRAIRIE DOGS – Sold Out (More Spring 2015)


Degus – 4 Babies ! ! ! !

Sugar Gliders – 1 Baby Female



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